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Robyn Suttor wins 3rd in W55 300m Hurdles at 2015 World Masters Athletics Championships, Lyon, France
Over 8,000 competitors from 35 years and up to 100 years old/young competed in hundreds of events in the WMAC in Lyon this year.

Robyn competed against up to 48 other women from athletes travelling from Argentina, Canada, Columbia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, America, to name but a few. Events were held at either Balmont or Parilly Stadium and even though it was great to compete at different stadiums, there was the occasional small hiccup, for example, it meant withdrawing from 400m as the 80m hurdles was held at the same time but in a different stadium, and a race by train from one stadium to the next to go from competing in the 300m hurdles to get to the 200m on time.

Even when you try to cover all bases with your training, you can never be sure how things will unfold. It was unfortunate for me that I tore my adductor as a result of ballistic and static stretching for the 300m hurdles. This sadly impacted as the events kept coming the injury refused to settle and resulted in a DNF for the 80m hurdles finals and withdrawal from both 100m and 400m relay events. But no matter what the hidden challenges that occur, I would not miss this level of competition for the world. All it does is make one stronger and desire to try harder . You discover others who love running as much as you, and you also make friends from around the world. It is with this knowledge that when you are training at home and perhaps you might not feel like putting in the effort, you remind yourself that your OS friends are out on their track probably thinking the same thing, so which one of you will train hard that day! I certainly tried to keep this in mind as I desire to challenge myself to discover what is the best I can possibly do and become.

I realise that it is but a process and with each month and year you discover more about yourself and others, building the confidence to keep trying, and never       giving up. My land crew were fantastic this year, with the added blessing of my mum, May (now 87) and my oldest son, Vincent and his girlfriend, Janet, all able to come to Lyon and spend some time with us. Amongst others I met Constance Larmour W80, and my old German friend and competitor, Karin Grummert . We had fun in the grandstand with Lloyd, my husband, swapping T shirts with one of the South American athletes. My events were numerous spread over 10 days. I loved every minute of it, and I can’t wait to begin training again for the next Worlds which will be held in October 2016 in Perth. Here’s an overview of my events placing me between 3rd & 7th fastest in the World in Women’s 55-59 group :- 6/8/15 100m Q—14.77 7/8/15 100m SF - 14.94 and later that day 100m F - 14.83- 7th place 9/8/15 300m Hurdles Q - 54. 15 and later that day 200m Q - 30.61 10/8/15 200m SF— 30.32 and later that day 200m F - 30.49- 6th place 11/8/15 300m Hurdles F— 52.99 (PB) - 3rd place ! 14/8/15 80m Hurdles Q— 14.73 15/8/15 80m hurdles F—DNF ( but my time of 14.73 places me 5th in ranked time)
On your marks, Set, GO !
80m hurdles


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